This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about Capitol Shipping and Logistics. We are a Federal Maritime Commission fully licensed and bonded (FMC# 17071) Ocean Transportation Intermediary (O.T.I.).

We offer international ocean and air freight forwarding services, N.V.O.C.C./ocean freight consolidation services (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), intermodal services (road/rail) and logistics services (warehouse/cfs/export packing) for both your import and export shipments.
Capitol Shipping and Logistics is the U.S. General Agent for

Please browse through our site to learn more about the transportation and logistics services we offer and how we can help fulfill all your global shipping and transportation needs.

For rate requests or for any questions and comments please contact our Customer Service Department. Thank you for visiting our site. Please bookmark our site and be sure to check back often as we will be continuing to update and enhance our site's information.

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